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If you have been blessed with the surname Yapp and want to find out more about the name family. Then please contact us we have researched our family side of the Yapp family and we are always keen to add too, or confirm what we presume to be right.

The name Yapp has had many statements made of it's meaning, some of which we are very sceptical of they were made a couple of centuries ago and no longer ring true with what we know today. You will read lots of statements of where the name was most populated but few of the have any relevance when you research them. What we have found is that the most Yapp's are from the English county of Shropshire, there are more Yapp's in the telephone book in Shropshire than any where else in Great Britain. Most researches will always lead back to the Midland Welsh borders, We will discuss this topic further in pages on this site...just a taster!


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I also cover parts of the Korean war 1950 -1953 that pay tribute to the heroes who gave their lives for this tragic forgotten cause my father George Yapp was one of the serving in the Kings Shropshire Light infantry Killed in action 20th May 1951

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