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 This is family site, we are not a business we are not marketing or selling anything, and we generate NO revenue we are the Yapp family website, we collect NO information, nor do we want any information from our visitors. The site is about our family and our friends and their interests and it is just for enjoyment.

Please feel free to browse our pages, I am sure that you will find something which will draw your attention. We have a variety of interesting topics and some of our family favourite subjects, the history of names, topics with tips and explanations. and the research being carried out about George Yapp who was Killed in action during the Korean war. reports and information of that war and the grim realities, some of the facts of which are now being  released.

As we recently found out that with the help of DNA our Yapp name only goes back 4 generations!  We knew that our Mathew Price had changed his name to Yapp, but we had always assumed that this was because he had believed he was a Yapp from the result of an earlier relationship of his mother Hannah Price and William Yapp, who she later married. However, we now know that this was an incorrect assumption? The result now revealed that he was in fact a "Gigg" the corollary of an earlier liaison between Hannah Price and Henry Thomas Gigg Now revealed after all these years thanks to an increase in new DNA results. So, we will be including following the Gigg linage in our pages after fully researching this discovery that was all locked away forgotten never to be known ..lost in time until the resultant of the latest  DNA investigation. We will now further investigate this  is now "a work in progress" and further information hopefully is to follow.


If you have been blessed with the surname Yapp and want to find out more about the name family. Then please contact us we have researched our side of the Yapp family and we are always keen to add too or confirm what we presume to be right. The name Yapp has had many statements made of its meaning, some of which we are very sceptical of, they were made a couple of centuries ago and now no longer ring true with what we know today. You will read lots of statements of where the name meaning is derived from, and where it was most populated. But very few of them have any relevance when researched using modern technology available in this day and age. What we have found is that a majority of  the Yapp name are recorded from the English county of Shropshire, there are more Yapp's in the telephone book in the county of Shropshire than anywhere else in Great Britain. Most researches will always lead back to the Midland Welsh borders, we will discuss this topic further in pages on this site...just a taster!


Also covered are parts of the Korean war 1950 -1953 that pay tribute to the heroes who gave their lives for this tragic forgotten cause my father George Yapp was one of them.

Please enjoy your visit, the site is constantly being updated it is an on-going build I have a lot of new bits and pieces to add when time and health allows.

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