Georges Military Career

I do not have a lot of information on Georges Military career. he was posted to the Durham Light Infantry in May 1945.

 Addendum Oct 2018, I now have a much better research of Georges career and will be publishing this in a much fuller account shortly


9 Primary Training Unit Maryhill Barracks Glasgow 19th April 1945:

Maryhill barracks Glasgow long since demolished and now Wynford housing estate picture date unknown looking at street lights possibly 60s [Google images]


Durham Light Infantry Brancepeth Castle camp 31st May 1945

Brancepeth Castle camp Co. Durham then Internal move to DLI and Duke of Wellingtons camp

He completed his basic training at the DLI Brancepeth Castle camp Co Durham. After training  7th November 1945 Internal move to DLI and Duke of Wellingtons camp on permanent Staff. He did well in the DLI made unpaid L/Cpl  by 7/11/45 to paid Cpl 29/8/46.

Because George had married my mother and they were both serving at Brancepeth Castle camp and the ruling at the time was that they could not both serve at the same camp, George was permanently attached to 30 Training Battalion Scotland [Perth?] .

 George was also not eligible for marriage allowance because he was under 25years of age.

My Comment: It really wasn't a married mans Army with archaic regulations of this ilk.

30 training battalion Perth. 9th Oct 1946:

Difficult to say but I think that the above picture is what is there now, [picture MOD Army]

George relinquished his rank on posting but was made up to paid L/Cpl on 9th October 1946.

School of infantry technical wing at Warminster 2nd March 1948.

Relinquished his rank on posting  to the School of infantry technical wing at Warminster. I am sure that whilst he was at Warminster he obtained Knowledge that The Kings Shropshire Light Infantry were to be posted from public service duties in London to training duties in Hong Kong.

Kings Shropshire Light Infantry 28th June1949

On 28/6/1949 he was drafted to the Kings Shropshire Light Infantry and relinquishing his tapes on posting back to Private.  As the 1st KSLI was on public service duties in London, this would have fitted well with George being a Londoner! Short lived as the Regiment embarked for training duties Hong Kong on August 11th 1949 it embarked at Liverpool on the Transport Empress of Australia for Hong Kong.

Singapore FARELF] the RASC [Royal Army Service Corps] school Far East 28th November 1949

George embarked with the KSLI Hong Kong  to disembark at Singapore It was here in Singapore he had his clerks course trade training at the FARELF [Far East Land Forces] the RASC [Royal Army Service Corps] school Far East at Nee Soon Singapore. He qualified as a Clerk after completing his trade training course from 24th November 1949 to the 30th June1950 passing his trade test and passing out as a Clerk GD [general duties] Class III Group "C" "Z".

Hong Kong

The1st July 1950 George was posted back to the KSLI his regiment now in Hong Kong.

Korean War 1951

The Battalion arrived in the Korean War 13th May 1951They were bussed some 40 odd miles north through the devastated city of Soul to point some three miles behind the front line where they debussed. It was not far from here eight days later George was to be mortally wounded and died from his wounds on the helicopter before he could receive medical aid at a service hospital.